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If it concerns hosting your website, innovative email solutions, introduction and implementation of cloud applications for more efficient teamwork or the externalization of outdated/expensive hardware, we are dedicated to help you make the right choice.


At vBoxx we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of data management and information management. We exclusively use our own hardware and guarantee a hosting uptime of at least 99,99%.


The employees of vBoxx are always ready to advise you and solve potential problems. In case of any malfunctions or technical hosting issues you can always contact us. We are available 24/7.


Because vBoxx controls all of its own hardware, we guarantee that no one will have access to your data. All hardware is inside datacenters that meet the highest security standards and are all located in the Netherlands.

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99 ,99%
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Some of our customers

Thanks to our broad range of products and services we are in business with various companies and organizations in a myriad of markets and industries. Our Netherlands-based server infrastructure and data storage, serve customers in more than 25 countries worldwide.

A selection from our range of products and services


For organizations with their own applications or for maximum control without paying the full costs. What we offer can be modified in any way, from virtual servers to physical servers. More… 

Digital collaboration

Our solutions to digital teamwork allow you to access, manage and share your files in all locations and on all devices. Completely customized to your demands. More… 


Professional e-mail solutions with shared calendars, contacts, personal domain names and more. To maintain maximum control we provide a personal mail server in the Cloud. More… 

Personal services

We provide personalized assistance and advice during your transition to the cloud. We are also able to assist you during customizations, maintenance and migrations. More…