Legal documentation

Here you can find the different formal and legal documents of vBoxx. By pressing on the download button you can download an extensive PDF version, which you can read on your computer or other devices.

General Terms and Conditions

vBoxx General Terms and Conditions
Click on ‘Download’ to read the entire document.  (in Dutch)


vBoxx Disclaimer
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Privacy Statement

vBoxx privacy statement.
Click on ‘Download’ to read the complete document. (in Dutch)

Service Level Agreement

Doing business on the internet means that you are dependent on the availability of your websites and servers. Servers require maintenance so that they work properly. As the knowledge is not always presently located in-house, we offer the Service Level Agreements. Next to maintenance, security and configuration of the servers, we offer additional guarantees.

Click on ‘Download’ for the vBoxx SLA packages.

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