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A website made for you!

Do you want to develop a website? Do you have ideas and a plan but do not have the time to make them a reality? If that is the case, contact vBoxx.

After an initial talk, vBoxx presents a plan including cost estimate, customized to your specific wishes. vBoxx can offer cost-effective and quick website solutions. When the product is finished the website is handed over to you, so that you can continue the development of you own website.



Website functionalities

Personalized functionalities

If you are looking for specific functions on your website. vBoxx has experience with different techniques. Below you can find a few examples from previous assignments by our clients:

  • Different company locations presented to customers.
  • Ability to login through profiles linked to social media.
  • After logging in, the locations must be able to be reserved.
  • Share publicly who is presently viewing the website.
  • Make payments via the website.

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