Moving your IT environment

vBoxx can lead and organize the migration process of your IT environment from an operational location to a new working location. We certify new functions are configured and old settings updated. During the migration we also make sure that current applications continue working in the new environment.

A migration can include new hardware, new software or both. At vBoxx migrations always take place at an appropriate time for the client. This can be a Friday evening, during the night or perhaps in the weekend. vBoxx is at your service day and night.

Why migrate to the Cloud

Safe access everywhere you go

Many businesses have IT services hosted within their company. For example, a mail server or file server. There are also businesses that make back-ups to a NAS on their network. The disadvantage of maintaining an IT infrastructure internally is often safety and information liability. During a robbery or a fire you may still lose your data.

The benefit of migrating to the cloud at vBoxx:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Support and advice
  • Your data in a secured environment
  • Dutch datacenter
  • Flexible contracts

What does a migration involve?

A migration is generally a significant change for your company. In order to successfully complete a migration, you have to complete three steps:

  1. Communicating the change

During this phase employees need to be informed. Everyone that is impacted by the migration must know exactly what is going to change and more importantly, the reason behind it. This steps facilitates wide acceptance and support later in the process.

  1. Execution

In this step we make sure everyone within the company can find what he/she needs during his/her daily work. Not being able to find the old and familiar buttons leads to frustration and can result in a decline of productivity among your employees. It is important that employees can easily find the migrated files and documents. This is a priority for us at vBoxx.

  1. Acceptance

At this stage of the migration we focus on functionality. Focusing on improving the productivity in the company, we explain to all employees how their old tasks can be executed in a new environment, more efficiently. Usually employees experience this change in a positive way.

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