Advice and consultancy

We offer advice and consultancy on all fronts

Are you looking for specialized technical advice for your company? Whether you are a large or small business, we will gladly tackle this problem together with you . After a free introductory conversation we will start to evaluate and determine the problem. To determine the entire problem our engineer will make a plan of execution for each solution proposed.

If you wish, we will execute the entire proposed plan. vBoxx offers a variety of products which can easily be adapted to the size of your company. vBoxx can also offer advice on the entire IT infrastructure or supervise a migration.

A personal touch

Our service starts with a non-committing introductory conversation. This conversation will almost always take place over the phone. In this conversation our consultant will analyze your problem and we will try to find a suitable solution for you.

As soon as we officially initiate our collaboration, an evaluation will take place based on the introductory conversation. Depending on the assignment, this can take place at our office, at your office or over the phone. As soon as we have gathered all the required information we can develop a fitting plan of execution to work on your solution.

Brand new IT infrastructure

Below you can find an example of one of our plans of execution


  • Connection to our external glass fiber network for a fast and reliable internet connection. These activities will be executed by an external contractor.
  • Inspecting the current internal cable network and possible adjustment.
  • Selecting the central firewall, depending the requested options.
  • Executing a proposed WiFi-network on 2 floors.
  • Depending on the solutions above, determining central switches.
  • Printers, scanners, copy machines, multi-functional devices
  • Access control, overview of present persons.


  • Determining the network infrastructure
  • Configuring Router, Switches, Firewall.
  • Configuring email, file sharing, cloud services, etc.


  • Researching and pin-pointing which facilities are already offered and which services can be executed by local providers.
  • Providing a business cost estimate that to be offered to the client.

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