Is an SSL Certificate Required in 2017?


In 2017 Chrome and Firefox will mark a website without a HTTPS / SSL Certificate as unsafe and show a security alert to anyone who visits your website! Chrome and Firefox are the most used web browsers and it would be a shame if you miss visitors because of the new rules. Click here for more information.

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How secure is my website?

Good question, but the answer is easy!

1. When visiting your website, you will see a green security address bar with a lock icon. If not, your website is not secure.

2. Your website address has to start with https://. If not, your website is also not safe.

3. Without a certificate visitors will see: ”Eventual treatment of all HTTP pages in Chrome:” or ”your connection is not secure”.  Firefox or Chrome will consider your website unsafe, and will give a warning to any visitor.


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What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate will make sure that the data that goes to and from your Domain Name is secured by encryption.


Data moves through the internet from the server to the user and back. During this exchange the data passes through several check points, like an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for example. Normal data can be intercepted and read by people who have access to these checkpoints. With an SSL certificate all the data remains encrypted until its destination.


This might sound complicated but rest assured, your computer and devices complete this process automatically. All you need is a certificate and maybe some help from a vBoxx tech assistant to install it. Check out the vBoxx support section for more information on how to do it yourself.

An SSL Certificate is good for SEO

Google started in 2014 to give secured websites a ranking boost. Websites with an SSL Certificate will rank higher than unsecure websites. An SSL certificate will have a strong impact on you SEO, your website is not only safer but also easier to find!

Why do I need SSL?

It could be a legal obligation..

If you are sending personal information to and from your website you may be obliged by law to use a SSL certificate to protect your data. For example, if you have a contact form or a login section on your website then users will be able to fill in personal information and send it to your webhosting server. In this case you are obligated to protect personal information by encrypting it with SSL.

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