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TLDMin. YearsRegisterRenew
.com1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.nl1 €10.00 EUR€10.00 EUR
.eu1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.wedding1 €30.00 EUR€30.00 EUR
.cloud1 €25.00 EUR€25.00 EUR
.studio1 €25.00 EUR€25.00 EUR
.shop1 €35.00 EUR€35.00 EUR
.graphics1 €20.00 EUR€20.00 EUR
.productions1 €25.00 EUR€25.00 EUR
.business1 €20.00 EUR€20.00 EUR
.online1 €35.00 EUR€35.00 EUR
.net1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.ae1 €60.00 EUR€60.00 EUR
.be1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.es1 €20.00 EUR€20.00 EUR
.fr1 €20.00 EUR€20.00 EUR
.info1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.de1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.org1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.me1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.mobi1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.us1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.co1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.biz1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR
.co.uk2 €25.00 EUR€25.00 EUR
.nu1 €35.00 EUR€35.00 EUR
.it1 €15.00 EUR€15.00 EUR


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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique address on the “World Wide Web”. If you have registered a domain name you will be able to manage the website that is linked to this address. If you have a domain name and a webhosting package at vBoxx then your domain name will probably point to the webhosting server at vBoxx. This server will recognize that someone is looking for your domain and it will show the website that is located in your webhosting package.

At vBoxx you have complete control over your domain name with the free DNS management app that is conveniently located in the vBoxx Client Portal. This makes it possible to have one or multiple domain names that you can link to the same or multiple webhosting servers.

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