Virtual Private Server

vBoxx offers fast Virtual Private Servers based on an SSD platform. This platform, is of course extremely fast since it relies only on SSD Hard Drives and is CEPH based. CEPH is the new generation of responsive and fast “Scale Out” storage technology.

If you have any questions regarding customized VPS you are welcome to contact us.

Reserved resources

vBoxx customers have full access to their VPS resources this way our customers benefit from a faster response time than our competitors. Most VPS suppliers distribute resources over multiple customers. This means that VPS resources are not used their full extent.

  • Faster response
  • No double renting of resources

99,99% Uptime

A vBoxx VPS is located on a High Availability Platform. This means that vBoxx can guarantee 99.99% uptime. These platforms were created by vBoxx using our own high quality hardware and a strong dedication from our certified engineers.

  • High Availability Platform
  • Quality hardware
  • Certified engineers

Proactive Support

Do you have a problem with your VPS? There is a good chance that we will contact you before you become aware of this problem. Thanks to our extensive monitoring, vBoxx is able to provide proactive support.

  • Proactive
  • Available 24/7
  • Tickets / Email / Phone / On-site

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