Dedicated Servers

Are you looking for your own server with high uptime and a fast internet connection? Do you want exclusively dedicated resources and storage within Europe? Then our dedicated servers are the perfect solution for you.

By renting a server from us, you have full control over your server. Our order-wizard allows you to completely configure the server according to your own preferences (operating system, control panel, memory, hard disk space, data traffic and network connections).

Our dedicated servers have many extra features, such as: a high network-uptime guarantee, the use of KVM-IP, the use of an APC power bar (for remote reboots). All of our dedicated servers are connected with a two-way power supply (A and B feed). We also offer an extensive server monitor with SMS or E-Mail notifications when necessary.

Management portal

Manage your own dedicated server from within the vBoxx customer portal.

  • Complete integration
  • Data traffic statistics
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Remote console + provisioning
  • Reboot – Start – Shutdown
  • Technical details

The dedicated management portal is connected to APC’s, switches, provisioning, servers, console and monitoring nodes. Our customers have complete control over the server and can manage it according to their preferences.

Quality Hardware

Dell is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality server hardware. A high-quality server brand like Dell ensures the stability and reliability that vBoxx seeks when supplying business graded solutions to our customers.

  • Only A+ hardware qualitykleurdell30
  • Energy efficient, high performance
  • Factory tested

Proactive Support

Hosting should be stable and reliable, and not something that our clients worry about. Let vBoxx take care of your hosting and if there is an issue that needs attention, vBoxx will contact you to explain the matter in simple terms.

  • Personal Support Contact
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Certified Staff Members

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