Your personal customized server at vBoxx

Do you need a reliable server? You have come to the right place. vBoxx servers are customized to fit all your IT-demands, whether you are a small or medium company.

At vBoxx quality is our highest priority for all of our server types, we are proactive when approaching any problem, because we know how critical servers are for your business. 


Complete control of the server

Virtual Private Server gives you the possibility to have complete control of your server. The use of Virtual Private Servers has been increasing since 2010. They are used by internet-hosting providers, including vBoxx.

As the VPS functions exactly as a physical server does we are able to provide you with the best performance and maximum safety for acceptable prices.


Dedicated Servers

Your own server with excellent functionalities.

Do you have a large website with a significant amount of data traffic or an extensive web shop? Since our dedicated server hardware does not need to be shared, its performance is much faster than a normal VPS.

Continue reading to find out if a dedicated server fits your demands!

Mac Hosting

A personal Apple server

Our Mac Mini or Mac Proserver solutions can serve various purposes such as:

  • Video editing
  • Software development
  • Network support
  • Remote workspace
  • Remote collaboration

Take a look at our Mac Hosting page if you want to find out more about the Apple servers at vBoxx.

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