Open Licenses, OEM and SPLA

Because of vBoxx’s support service we often work with Microsoft licenses such as virtual servers, work places in the cloud and a complete business hosted environment. Due to these products, vBoxx has become a Microsoft Partner. When ordering new hardware and SPLA licenses, vBoxx can provide licensing such as Loose Microsoft Open Licenses and OEM Licenses.

OEM licenses are only available for hosting providers such as vBoxx and offer the benefit that nothing additional needs to be bought and that it can be directly charged with your general monthly invoice.

Benefits at vBoxx

Microsoft licensing

By choosing vBoxx for your Microsoft licenses you receive the following benefits.

  • Hardware discount on your Microsoft licenses, OEM – in case of scalable option.
  • Online and offline licenses for your organization using Open Licenses.
  • While using our services you can rent Microsoft licenses by means of the SPLA model. This way you pay a monthly fee and only for the licenses that you really need.

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