Kerio Connect

vBoxx is a ”Kerio Preferred partner”

“Kerio Preferred Partner” is the highest partner form. We believe that Kerio products are the ideal product for business use; e-mail, phone calls and collaboration without compromises. Furthermore, their products have been created and developed to include everything that a MKB business needs, for normal users as well as IT professionals. In addition, these products are a real value-for-money option and have been created flexibly so that licenses can be easily modified later.

Benefits at vBoxx

Kerio licenses and products

vBoxx offers the following Kerio Solutions:

  • Kerio Connect, a simple but comprehensive mail server, that allows you to receive e-mail, agendas, tasks and contacts on each of your devices. vBoxx provides licenses and a completely hosted product.
  • Kerio Control, a firewall that applies very advanced security. This firewall is easy to configure thanks to the common and easy-to-use interface of Kerio. This firewall provides offers various options: IPS, IDS, Routering IPv6 support, VPN options, QoS and broadband management. We can supply both the licenses and the hardware for this product.


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