MX Fallback

Never lose your e-mail again

An MX Fallback makes sure that you do not lose any email due to server issues. If the mail server does not have an internet connection or is too busy with other processes, there could be loss of information. Having an MX Fallback is a crucial safeguard that catches e-mails and delivers them as soon as your mail server is available again. The MX Fallback is already included in all our mail server installations.

  • Reliable
  • Simple

Trust your e-mail

Why MX Fallback? Because your e-mail is important

An MX Fallback will always be at a different location than your mail server. It can sometimes occur that a server is experiencing some kind of technical issues such as a DDOS attack, which may mean that your e-mail temporarily cannot be delivered. In this case it is important that your Fallback is outside of the network.

The MX Fallback servers from vBoxx are of high quality, a powerful solution capable of processing large amounts of e-mails in case your mail server is overloaded.


A MX Fallback is simple to install

The MX Fallback can be easily configured. In the DNS settings of your domain you can create MX records. Fill in your MX fallback server address in your domain management with a lower priority than the address of your current mail server.

If this does not work or if you have questions, please contact our support staff to further assist you.

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