Mail server

Your own private mail Cloud for total control

Having your own mail server gives you access to a complete set of email management tools. vBoxx delivers your ready-for-use server without any additional costs and we make sure it functions optimally.

To guarantee vBoxx quality, the mail server contains many extras such as: firewalls, monitoring, back-ups fallbacks, and more.



vBoxx mail server quality guarantee

A vBoxx mail server has the extra functionality you need

Extras are part of our standard product because focusing on quality is important to us.

Such extras include: daily offsite back-ups of your mail, SSL certified and encrypted data traffic, MX Fallback for temporarily supporting e-mails that could not be delivered, 24/7 monitoring for proactive support, and free-of-charge personal support to minimize additional work and any inconvenience for you.

Moving your mail?

vBoxx mail migration is often free of charge

Many companies already have control of their own mail servers, sometimes even internally. However, maintaining a reliable and secure mail service can be challenging increasing maintenance costs.

  • Migration often free-of-charge
  • Minimal effort for the client
  • Migration of mail server can take place outside of office hours
  • Clear and informative plan of action
  • Extensive support and post care


Easily scaling your server to the appropriate size

Mail servers from vBoxx run at high speeds and have great storage capacity, vBoxx ensures that when your company grows, your mail server grows with it. It is always possible to scale your server to the right size if you have specific wishes.

  • Fast connection
  • SSD Storage
  • Processor or RAM

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