A capable e-mail environment via vBoxx

Are you searching for a reliable mail environment for your company? vBoxx offers a wide range of solutions which are suitable for any company. This is made possible by the agreements vBoxx has with several high value providers. We find that it is important to deliver a reliable product to our customers.

Our e-mail solutions give you the flexibility to have a domain name of your choice, allowing you to create an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. If you are looking for an environment that is accessible at any time and place, keep reading for more information about our e-mail solutions.

Kerio Connect

Apply for single e-mail addresses instantly

Kerio Connect is a ready-to-use e-mail solution of vBoxx, where you can use your own domain name, name@domainname.nl.

Kerio Connect is easy to use and has many extra functions such as: saving your contacts, agenda, notes and tasks. Kerio Connect synchronizes everything directly with the server and all your installed devices and computers.

A sent e-mail is directly visible on all your systems. Due to the synchronization of your contacts, e-mails etc. you always have a back-up. New phone? Quickly set up your e-mail and you will automatically receive your calendar, notes etc.

Mail Server

Your own mail server at vBoxx

All the functions of Kerio Connect or Exchange on your personal server for complete control of all your settings. Due to the costs and care needed while using your own mail server, vBoxx delivers it ready-to-use and monitors the server 24/7 to ensure it functions properly.

You have complete access to the entire server, including firewall, addition of platform names, extra backups, activity, log among others. Our vBoxx mail servers are available form 20 users or more.

MX Fallback

Always a safe back-up

Do you want to guarantee that all e-mails reach your e-mail server?

Even when your e-mail server is not accessible? Then a MX Fallback server may be the perfect solution. A MX Fallback server captures all your e-mails when your e-mail server is not online. As soon as your e-mail server is back online, your mails will be delivered safely. You will receive a standard MX Fallback with all your e-mail services at vBoxx.

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