Complete control of your files

vBoxxCloud is a business solution that helps you manage your company files.The extensive online dashboard allows you to see who has access to which folders. You can keep track of who is connected to the cloud and manage access rights online.

vBoxxCloud is available on mobile devices, laptops and desktops. If users have the same rights, they can access vBoxxCloud through the web browser, WebDAV and the Sync Tool. vBoxxCloud is a powerful cloud solution standardly equipped with:


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The cloud alternative for businesses

All your data exclusively stored in ISO certified Dutch Data Centers

vBoxxCloud conforms to the highest of security demands regarding Cloud Storage. However, at vBoxx we believe that the biggest danger for data loss is the lack of control over the files shared within a company.

If your business does not have a secure cloud solution, it can often lead to security breaches, which can start with employees using USB sticks, sharing files via e-mail or public cloud-storage solutions. These are not manageable and your business data can virtually be anywhere without any control over it.

Offer your employees an effective and easy to use solution, while you monitor and manage the data.

image of the vboxxcloud admin dashboard

Sharing files

Collaborate with co-workers and share with external parties

In your online cloud organization you can create special folders that can be synchronized with connected systems and devices of your choice. This way you can ensure that the right employees have access to the correct files.

Besides that, an end user with the appropriate rights can share a folder via email with a link or with a guest user. These guest users are free to create an account and can then log in to your cloud organization that is neatlyShare-desktop provided with, among other features, your company logo and customized settings. The guest user only receives the data that is shared with him/her and can add files if he/she has the appropriate permissions.

Business help and guidance

Complete guidance from your personal technical assistant

As a vBoxx customer you are provided with your own personal assistant, a person dedicated to support you and answer any questions that you may have. This way you do not have to repeatedly explain your specific situation and the assistant can directly think of solutions to give appropriate advice.

All of vBoxx’s products are equipped with personal support, no extra costs are charged for this. This includes demonstrations, customizing and advice.

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