Cloud storage

Easy collaboration on files

Nowadays, sharing files is increasingly easy. It is done faster than before and files can be shared with numerous persons, significantly improving productivity. Whether this happens within the office space, at home or on the road, accessing information anywhere and with any device has become an essential part of the work environment.

At the same time, it is important for companies to know that there is some form of control over this information. Where is this data? Who has access to it? Is this data secure?
For this reason, vBoxx offers two different kinds of solutions “ownCloud” and ‘vBoxxCloud”. These programs allow your employees and co-workers the opportunity to collaborate flexibly and efficiently while the company’s data can be managed securely from a distance.

What is cloud storage?

The files on your computer or device can automatically be synchronized to your colleagues and contacts that have access to the cloud.

1. Website
After logging in to a website you can upload and download files.

2. Synchronization
Because of the synchronization between your computer and your cloud, the files are automatically available in two locations.

3. WebDAV
You can directly manage the files in your cloud from your computer or device while they are not stored locally.


Secure file sharing for business

vBoxxCloud provides your company with scalable and secure cloud storage. All your files are backed up automatically in your cloud, which is equipped with version management.

Manage all your company documents, and edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents online. Monitor changes in real-time and manage who has access to content.


Open source file sharing

OwnCloud works exactly like vBoxxCloud by means of synchronization and WebDAV, except that OwnCloud features less management and monitoring functionality. OwnCloud works via apps that are available online and can be added to the web interface. Apps such as an online agenda, mp3 player and other apps that give more functionality and customizability to the online use of your file sharing system.

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