Today’s businesses cannot afford losing one day of work due to technical problems, or other incidents. With that in mind we have developed a reliable remote backup tool. You get twice as much data traffic and backup space as a standard version in your bundle.

Suppose you have a back-up space of 10 GB, then you have a data traffic of 20 GB. For larger bundles feel free to contact us. You can buy extra data traffic for just 30 eurocent per GB. computer-network-chart-backup-klein2

vBoxx offers various backup options that are meant for different types of solutions. Veeam is meant for System backups and Retrospect is meant for simple file back-ups. Both can be used on all platforms.

Please contact vBoxx if you are not sure what would be the best solution for you. Our backup experts will happily advise you.


Much more than just a backup

Veeam provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of your virtual environment and data. Veeam can both create backups and replicate from within a single software solution. That is why Veeam is the number one backup solution for VMware, vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments.


  • Simple off-site backup and replicationveeam_cloud_provider_2014
  • 100% automated recovery testing
  • Fully integrated cloud-based disaster recovery


Easy backup and recovery

Retrospect Multi Server provides the user with a variety of functions, including: backup and recovery, data archiving and data replication, and all of this for an unlimited number of networked Windows, Mac, Linux servers, desktops and notebooks.

  • Open file backup
  • Linux supportRetrospect_product_logo
  • Microsoft Exchange backup


Flexible backups

R1Soft Backup Solution provides a flexible solution that eliminates the issues of running traditional backups. R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection™ enables users to run frequent backups, with little impact on server performance.

  •  Avoids performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.
  •  Reads the data directly from the Disk or Volume.
  •  Disk Safe can be fully replicated without taking it offline
r1soft vboxx

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